On Brand Marketing & Design

Who Are You?

Your brand is what your customers think it is. It’s the unique place you occupy in their minds and hearts. It’s more than a logo, more than a name, more than a single design. Your brand is the sum of experiences your customers have with you and your products.

The better you know and can define your own brand according to your vision and values, the better you’ll be able to manage it with authenticity, clarity and consistency. The more consistency, the more trust!

Ticsay Group’s defined branding process helps you differentiate with a unique, relevant and memorable positioning that sets you apart from your competition. Through a collaborative process of listening, discovering and analyzing, we help you identify the real value your business brings to customers and then build a brand platform from which to launch (or refresh) your brand.

Our process begins with research, moves to competitive brand positioning, then innovative visual identity development, targeted key messaging, and the creation of on-strategy brand experiences for customers at every point of contact.

The goal: Bring out the best and brightest in your business … helping you SHINE!

Branding Capabilities:

  • Brand Strategy + Positioning
  • Product Naming
  • Logos
  • Taglines
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Communication

What’s Your Marketing Mix?

Great marketing ideas are inspired from sound strategy and a solid understanding of business purpose. Ticsay Group’s customer-focused approach is to first listen, discover and understand … your products, your challenges, your internal capabilities, your opportunities and your specific business objectives. Then we work with you and your company to create inspired marketing plans and programs based on intentional strategies that meet your goals.

Whether it’s an individual promotional campaign to sell more of a specific product, a sales presentation, or development of a comprehensive annual marketing plan with content, social and print media, we have the creative power and the expertise to drive results for your business.

Your marketing initiatives and your brand vision should support each other and work together hand in glove. Good thing Ticsay Group is expert in both.

Marketing Services:

  • Great Ideas
  • Marketing Consulting + Planning
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing + Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Sales Tools + Literature
  • Integrated Campaigns

Design for Success.

If you’re serious about creating a brand that inspires customers to purchase, you’ll definitely need to embrace strategic, intelligent graphic design.

Ticsay Group understands how important design is in brand building and marketing communication. Your strategy may call for print, web or innovative packaging. We have a talented, well-rounded creative team with plenty of know-how to design for your success.

Persuade your customers with on-strategy visual communication that sells your message, your product, your brand.

Design Services:

  • Brand Identity
  • Websites + Digital
  • Print Literature
  • Catalogs + Annual Reports
  • Advertising
  • Signage
  • Package Design